The finest methods how to become a celebrity and how to apply social media to your benefit.

The finest methods how to become a celebrity and how to apply social media to your benefit.

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Continue reading to see some essential tips for accomplishing social media fame.

At the end of the day, your attitude will be what draws people into your content and brand. Try to be special and exciting, it is no secret that there are plenty of other folks planning to attain the same wish as you. You must be steady, as there is no definite answer to how to become famous overnight, but make sure you put out regular content on social media, and always make sure it is of a good quality. You time and dedication will most certainly pay off. Apps like those invested in by Steve Anderson of Baseline Ventures enable you to post a number of times a day, therefore probably hoping to post on an app like this will enable you to be consistent when posting. Engage your audience by answering to comments and making videos or photo shoots based on audience requests: this will help to make you look approachable.

Needless to say, to earn money off social networks, you must know how social media marketing actually works. Social media platforms allow you to monetise posts, this indicates you can feature things like paid ads, or some brands will allow you to advertise their brand names on your platform for a specific reward. A very good way to connect with likeminded brand names and creators is to message them on their specific social media site. You can use personal messaging on platforms like the one invested in by Bijan Sabet of Spark Capital to try and work with brands. Once you get to a certain size in your following, you can start appearing at paid events, or start charging for tickets to functions such as meet and greets.

Social networks is, needless to say, an exceptionally vast classification, so it might be a great idea to narrow your social network presence to particular platforms. In fact, it will be quite tough to keep a constant presence on all platforms without a big team (and if you are reading this, you are almost certainly starting off). Consider the list of social media apps that you could post on, which ones suit your individuality and style, and most importantly which ones you will love posting on the most. You should potentially consider this in terms of formatting: some social media networks employ things such as photographs, videos or short clips. Therefore, consider which kind of content you are comfortable employing and would find enjoyment in posting on, or what your content would be most fitted to, and go from there. Have a glance into the top 10 social media sites that you can post on. Do your investigating before starting anything official, it will assist you immensely later. Figures like Stuart Peterson of Artis Ventures have backed platforms which you might consider for this purpose.

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